Welcome to Ahddane!

AHDDANE - "National Association K'ssima M'ssguina for Solidarity with Mothers and Children in Difficult Situations", is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

AHDDANE is situated in the urban district of Dcheira El Jihadia outside Agadir in the south of Morocco. It was created 14 July 2012, by Mahjouba Edbouche, who also started Oum El Banine in Agadir 2001.


Target group: Women and mothers in destress, both married and non-married.


Aim: To help children and their mothers to gain the confidence to overcome the difficulties they face, by all means necessary adapted to each case. Sensitizing women to acquire knowledge of their fundamental rights, the best use of contraception, to learn more about the consequences of prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. Ahddane is both working for the dignity and the immediate rights of the women and their children, but also for their access to health care and professional employment.